EMC's First PEI Manufacturing Essentials Certification Supervisor Stream!

September 27, 2018 EMC CanadaEMC Member Blogs 649 Views

What a great, talented and committed group with had for our first PEI Manufacturing Essentials Certification(MEC) Supervisor stream!

Supervisors learning problem-solving and team collaboration skills & generating real business impact results with Workplace Performance Projects.

Everyone did a great job on their presentations at Graduation and we couldn't be more proud. We look forward to seeing how the knowledge and tools you've taken from this program help you and your organizations going forward!

ABOUT MEC: Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is looking for manufacturing employers and communities to implement Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) Programs – a fully funded initiative designed to help manufacturers increase their workforce productivity and become more competitive in a growing global marketplace.

EMC will provide training programs for two key occupations (i.e. supervisors and production workers). 

Certificate is proposed to run in regional training cluster groups, providing up to 40 hours (4-5 hours/week over 8 weeks) of skills training, using industry validated learning programs, live workshops, facilitated online learning with on-going support and assistance with professional trainers and a workplace action-based learning project.

For additional information:
Wendy Gray, Project Coordinator