EMC Continues Support and Recovery Activity

January 13, 2021 Joan RichardIndustry News and Events 676 Views

As we find ourselves now in January, and the challenges of the pandemic are on-going, the call for continued support is clear. It is difficult to know the exact challenge each organization is facing and the value of the NRC-IRAP and ACOA supported recovery programs has been well placed and utilized.

Aside from the individual coaching engagements, there has been a call for support in notably common areas. With the continued support of NRC, ACOA and our subject matter expert partners, we have developed and scheduled additional value-added learning events relevant to your input.

Through this additional series of events, the goal is to support organizations in being the best that they can be under unprecedented circumstances; to set a different mindset towards solutions, to be innovative in exploring circumstantial opportunities while ensuring the well-being of an over extended staff, to fill vacant positions and yes, even grow!

We recognize that this is a significant level of activity and hope you will pick and choose what provides value for you in your role, as well as value for your Organization as a whole.

For a complete listing of sessions, or for more information, please click here.