Trout River Industries: From the Trenches

April 7, 2020 Joan RichardNew Brunswick & PEI 808 Views

There is no way that six months ago we could have predicted the current state and reality of where we sit today. It has forced change; accelerated change in the way we do business and stay connected.

Like many of you, at EMC we have had to alter the way we do business. We are focusing on different ways to accomplish our core activity - connecting peers for the purpose of benchmarking, learning and most importantly, support.

When Darrin Mitchell of Trout River Industries reached out and said ‘what can we do’, it quickly evolved into a discussion around challenges that are common to all.  As a result, we discussed things I have been hearing from industry and members and we pondered ways that Darrin could share his experience ‘From the Trenches’.

It meant I would have to do things differently; technology that I had not used to a huge degree, being on camera and sharing that, as well as an awkward feeling of being way out of my comfort zone. Was it difficult… bet it was! The sooner we come to the realization that this is now the norm and essential, the quicker we will adapt.

I have recently seen, on various social media sources, the below indicating the zones of what we are experiencing, and it is very relatable as well as familiar to the zones of change…I am still drawing my conclusions on that! I might suggest that we are straddling the fear / learning zones but look forward to stepping into the growth zone….and some already have.

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The following is a conversation is with Darrin Mitchell, co-owner of Trout River Industries, and focuses on the transition to being productive through sincere leadership, supporting others in leadership and providing a psychologically safe workplace.

A Conversation with Darrin

Thank you Darrin for taking me out of my comfort zone as well as providing an opportunity for peer benchmarking.

Is there is another topic you would like have discussed?  Feel free to throw out suggestions by email and we’ll tackle it.  We are looking forward to more discussions ‘from the trenches’ with Darrin.