Connecting Nationally - EMC’s Online Member Presentations

July 30, 2018 Joan RichardNew Brunswick & PEI

It’s fairly easy to connect with members and fellow manufacturers in your region, however, EMC’s membership is from coast to coast. The vastness of knowledge is endless and, in EMC style, we continuously work to connect members with members, regardless of geography, through quarterly virtual share events.

Schedules can be so busy; through the virtual events, you not only have an opportunity to listen to someone in another area of the country, but you don’t have to commit to leave your office. They can be used for individual learning or setup for classroom learning or training.

Member presenters in the past have been very generous with their time and have often had follow up conversations, shared presentations and, on occasion, welcomed companies in for benchmarking discussions.

Like face to face events, topics range based on need and what companies are focused on. Previous events have covered topics such as leadership, risk based thinking, sustaining change, sales and marketing and advanced information technologies, to name a few. Presenters are people from companies just like yours and doing jobs just like yours.

We are pleased to have Sándor Wolkensperg, VP of Operations for RIMOWA North America Inc in Cambridge Ontario, present for our upcoming virtual event of August 17th. Registration is open so please feel free to join in by following the link.

We are so appreciative to all of our members who are willing to share something that they feel is related to a common challenge and may help someone else from having to ‘re-invent the wheel’

The willingness to learn from others experiences, to benchmark best practices and have conversations with peers through any venue possible, contributes to broadening of perspectives and learning. There is a dynamic, possibly you would call it a trait, among EMC member organizations. They believe in the value of getting outside of the daily routine and listening and learning from others.

If you have a topic that you would like to share or present, please feel free to contact our EMC head office of your regional Field Service advisor.

I do hope that your schedule will allow you to join in….you never know what that one ‘take-away’ may be!