Building Collaborative Opportunities for Growth

March 15, 2021 Scott McNeil-SmithIndustry News and Events 255 Views
EMC is considering a manufacturing initiative to provide connections and resource support, to help solve current technology and other challenges in your plant, as well as build capacity utilization, via contract manufacturing opportunities.
We are looking for expressions of interest from SME’s and large manufacturers, who might collaborate with start-ups to both achieve proof-of-concept delivery (solving internal challenges) and opportunities to utilize capacity and boost sales via contract manufacturing. EMC is also looking at resource and possible funding to support.
EMC has several examples of how this collaboration can benefit our manufacturers and would like to hear from firms interested in participating.



This initiative can help start-ups to connect with manufacturers more rapidly, as well as assist industry with problem solving and growth through the current pandemic recovery. More information will be provided to those who respond.