Integrating Safety into Your Workplace Culture

May 6, 2019 Kim WolfBurlington/Oakville, Brantford, Hamilton, Milton 637 Views

We had a very powerful discussion about Integrating Safety into Your Workplace Culture in Brantford this month!  We had representatives from HR, Quality, Health and Safety, Production, and Senior Leadership groups.  Prior to discussions, we categorized potential topics/ideas into the following:  Communication,  Training, Leadership, Reporting, Involving Employees/JHSC, and Measurement.  Small groups were formed to initiate conversation about these ideas and discuss their challenges.  Following the small group discussions, our whole group brought their ideas back to the table to summarize:


  • Post JHSC minutes
  • Host monthly safety talks specific to recent incidents
  • Use information TVs
  • Post pictures of employees “doing the right things”


  • Use skill assessments to demonstrate understanding of tasks
  • Use simulations – crush (air pressure), gloves (cuts), pulleys/belts (chopsticks), safety shoe vs regular shoe
  • Enhance safety talks – make them interactive, give small prizes
  • Hold a scavenger hunt – eyewashes, fire extinguishers – give prizes
  • Implement Dupont STOP program 


  • Use time clock to give safety notices
  • Use tablet to send notifications of hazards noted during workplace inspections
  • Support safety through investment for capital projects, communication tools, and prizes
  • Use shared drives for access to info – drives accountability


  • Lack of reporting near-misses – need to confirm importance of doing this so that they can be used as a training tool
  • Communication is everyone’s responsibility
  • Communicate possible repercussions if incidents are not reported in a TIMELY manner

Involve workers / JHSC:

  • Capitalize on interest of employees
  • All JHSC members should have assignments to work on
  • Designate JHSC / First Aid members by visual means (patches, armbands, etc)
  • Tie-in home safety and wellness as part of the overall safety program


  • Make safety a part of plant performance scorecard and individual performance reviews
  • Colour-code tracking – departments are measured and communicated with regularly
  • Ensure that leadership reviews incidents and results, and reacts to them

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We left this event with the commitment to try one or two of these new ideas. We are going to discuss a follow-up event in the fall of 2019 to talk about what we tried, the successes we had, and what roadblocks we experienced.

We invite YOU to join us at one of our upcoming Strategic Interest Group (SIG) events.  There is so much to share with our manufacturing consortium, new ideas to try and new peers to meet!