Manufacturing Recovery Support Program


Continuing to Support Manufacturers Through the Manufacturing Recovery and Support Program 2022-2024.

With the continued support of ACOA, our goal is to provide assistance to Atlantic Canada organizations during unprecedented circumstances; to set a different mindset towards solutions, to be innovative in exploring circumstantial opportunities while ensuring the well-being of an over-extended staff, to fill vacant positions and yes, even grow!

"We can in no way assume the specific challenges, or maybe even opportunities, that the Pandemic has caused for each individual manufacturer, but this program is an opportunity for you to raise your hand and receive some relevant, funded support"

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Recovery for Canadian Manufacturers
- Winter 2022 Sessions - 


Leaders, regardless of their level in an organization, have a tremendous responsibility toward engagement and retention. Because the supervisors and team leads have the largest number of direct reports, it is critical for these individuals to be equipped with the necessary skills and recognize the scope of their role.

Most likely, they have been promoted because of work ethic, commitment and quality of work and it's often less likely the promotion took place because of leadership ability.

Are we moving toward a time when leadership abilities need to change / evolve to meet the needs of challenging times and new generations.....lets explore!

  • Round table discussion and networking
  • Subject matter expertise with Jennifer Deware (Kikkert)
  • An exercise to determine the current state, desired state and the gap, in order to create a plan for support moving forward

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Let’s face it, recruitment and retention have been at the top of the list for employers in Atlantic Canada for many years. Every employer knows that this is something they have to focus on.
But where to start?

April 13th, 2022

Employers have to see their culture as the differentiator when it comes to recruitment and retention as the name and the brand isn’t enough in this employee market. The reality is that today employees are selecting the employer. Employers have to create a shift to make themselves more attractive and a more engaging place to work.

Further to this, as they promote the organization for the purpose of attraction, the cultural piece has to match for the purpose of retention.

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- Special Encore 2021 Presentations - 


Which manufacturing businesses will create the most wealth and opportunity?

Which manufacturing businesses will fail while working hard?

Explore with us, the biggest changes that happened in manufacturing and why the old growth models no longer work.  More importantly, what specific strategies and tactics are some companies adopting that are turning them into "higher margin niche businesses".

  • The 75/25 rule
  • How to become part of your customers decision making process
  • Mindjacking and;
  • Creating unfair advantages.

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Psychological Health and Safety Consultant Elizabeth Eldridge will explore strategies and tools to help your workplace prepare for and manage what lies ahead.

When will it end?  If your workplace is struggling to remain productive and maintain positive morale as we brace ourselves for yet another set of challenges brought on by the pandemic, you’re not alone.  As hope for a “return to normal” emerges on the horizon we understand that we’ll have to endure more changes in order to get there.  In preparing to embark on a third wave, smart leaders are reflecting on what the past year and a half has taught us about managing a stressed-out workforce during a global pandemic.  Addressing employee engagement, supporting mental health and providing flexible work conditions are items that can be simplified if we’re willing to learn from our mistakes and think outside the box.

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Join Psychological Health and Safety Consultant Elizabeth Eldridge to learn about the building blocks of inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Diversity in the workplace is a major asset to employers.  It makes for a richer tapestry, with your team representing a broader array of perspectives, experiences and skillsets.  Research shows that diverse teams generally experience a higher degree of job satisfaction and enhanced morale, fuelling innovation and performance.  Building a truly inclusive workplace isn’t just the right thing to do, it can help your organization reach its fullest potential.  So, if diversity is a priority for your organization what steps are you taking to ensure your culture supports inclusion, respect and psychological safety for one and all?  Managing employee differences and promoting equity as an organizational value takes strong leadership, knowledge, communication and trust. 

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Virtual Sessions - Winter 2021


A Shift in Mindset, Manufacturing Lessons from the 1918 Pandemic

This session explores how manufacturing in Canada can use the lessons of the Spanish Flu to position business for recovery even as COVID-19 continues into its second wave and thrid wave.

Presenter: Joe Britto, Innate Leaders

Psychological coach, mindset consultant, thinker, and writer – Joe Britto has worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs and leadership teams across the non-profit, public, and private sectors.

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Presenter: Darrin Mitchell, Mitchell Industries


Session 1: Selling to your Supply Chain  

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  • Using best sales practices to increase your bottom line 2.2x
  • Creating better suppliers and inputs
  • Having less disruptions in your supply chain

Session 2: The Future of Your Business Hinges on Your Ability to Digitally Connect

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  • Why can’t the next Amazon be a “manufacturer”?
  • How do I develop a global customer base that I can respond to instantly?
  • How has digital connection already affected the minds of my customers?

Session 3: Profitable Growth Out of a Pandemic  

  • Which growth model will make us the most money?
  • Which growth model is most profitable?
  • How do we get out of our current bubble?

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Presenter: Elizabeth Eldridge, Elizabeth Eldridge Consulting

Join Psychological Health & Safety Consultant Elizabeth Eldridge for a deep dive into mental wellness during and following the impact of the pandemic.  This 3-part series will equip participants with the knowledge and practical tools they need to foster a work environment that’s productive, supportive and resilient in the face of challenging times.  With topics specific to psychological health and safety in the context of leadership, employee engagement and organizational culture, participants will learn just how broadly, and profoundly mental health can impact the workplace and will leave inspired to implement forward-thinking strategies to be proactive within their respective organizations.

Session 1: Brilliance and Resilience: Psychologically Healthy Leadership  

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  • Managers are carrying a gigantic burden in their roles right now with the expectation of inspiring strong performance in their teams while maintaining their own wellbeing. Burnout in leaders is becoming more and more common as the pandemic persists and finding balance is getting tougher. This session will arm leaders with essential tools for striking that balance, navigating the challenges leadership roles in times of uncertainty, and building a team that is stronger than ever.

Session 2: From Light Breeze to Strong Wind: Engaging an Exhausted Workforce  

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  • Under the mental weight of the pandemic, organizations around the world are struggling with employee engagement. When your team members are stressed and “checked out”, productivity takes a significant hit; reduced productivity typically equates to poor employee satisfaction, leading to a spike in turnover. The good news? By being proactive leaders can stop this negative domino effect before momentum builds. Join this session for “think outside the box” approaches to employee engagement from a psychological wellness perspective.

Session 3: Organizational Resilience: Beyond the Buzz Word  

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  • What can organizations do to minimize the long-term consequences of the global pandemic? These times of constant change and forced adaptation present us with a unique opportunity to put our team’s resilience to the test and really figure out what it means in a practical sense. This session will help leaders to promote a culture in their respective workplaces that’s conducive to a speedy recovery from the impact of COVID-19, jump-starting performance and bouncing back from the pandemic unscathed.

Presenter: Denis Desjardins, Talent Solutions Canada in partnership with Sherri Deveau, Practical HR Solutions Inc.

A foreign Recruitment & Immigration Practices Webinar Series for Canadian Manufacturers focused on providing customized support to manufacturers facing significant barriers to growth due to lack of access to skilled labour and talent. The Global Skills Connection Series is intended to give Manufacturers a high-level overview of the Immigration process to prepare an organization to begin using foreign recruitment to fill their vacant positions.

Session 1: Getting Started with Immigration  

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  • What is immigration and why is it important for your organization?
  • What are the challenges?
  • Learn the basic elements, players, programs, and terminology 

Session 2: Building the Foundation for Immigration  

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  • Learn how to identify your organizations National Occupation Codes (NOC)
  • Learn how NOCs apply to managers, temporary workers, permanent applicants, and seasonal workers.

Session 3: Pathways to Canada  

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  • How do newcomers first come to Canada?
  • Learn the basic meanings of visitors, temporary workers, students, and permanent residents
  • Better understand the meaning of Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs)

Session 4: Nuts and Bolts of Immigration  

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  • What are program requirements: work experience, age, certifications, education, funds, language abilities, and more.
  • Review the rules and limits of some of the more popular programs.
  • Education Credential Assessments (ECA), Biometrics, Processing times, and more.

Session 5: Best Practices for Immigration  

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  • Develop and understand your best strategy for finding and keeping the people you want.
  • Discuss strategies for how and where to source candidates.
  • Onboarding and retention best practices
  • Welcoming them and their families to Canada.


Recovery for Canadian Manufacturers
- Supported by ACOA & NRC IRAP

Previously Recorded Webinar Series - Fall 2020


This session will provide an overall view as well as a benchmarking opportunity. We are also pleased to welcome Darrin Mitchell of Trout River Industries to share perspectives, challenges and successes from the past months and moving forward.

Facilitator: Joan Richard: Eastern Canada Operation Manager 
Presenter:  Scott McNeil Smith: VP, Manufacturing Sector Performance, EMC Canada
Industry Representative: Darrin Mitchell, Owner Trout River Industries, PEI 

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As companies continue to navigate through the phases of COVID 19 the questions and areas of assessment remain the same. The answers may or may not change but an awareness of key aspects of the business are critical. Please join our special guest presenter along with industry representation as they share expertise and experience.

Facilitator: Joan Richard: Eastern Canada Operation Manager 
Presenter:  Stewart Pollard, Shift Leadership Solutions

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How is mental health relevant in the workplace?  While traditional occupational health models focus on keeping employees physically safe on the job, Psychological Health & Safety Consultant Elizabeth Eldridge will show you how neglecting mental wellness at work means your organization is functioning below capacity.  Learn why mental health must be acknowledged as a vital component of occupational health, and how making it a priority and implementing practical strategies will help your organization reach its full potential.

Facilitator: Joan Richard: Eastern Canada Operation Manager 
Presenter:  Elizabeth Eldridge, Certified Phycological Health & Safety Advisor, Arpreggio Health Services

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What is the future of Manufacturing? Is it all about advanced manufacturing, digitization, technology and automation?   Many would argue that it is encapsulated in the fourth industrial revolution as defined by Industry 4.0, which describes how industry should be evolving to deliver improved productivity, capability and performance. 

Facilitator: Joan Richard: Eastern Canada Operation Manager 
Presenter:  Martin Davis, Managing Partner, DUNELM Associates Limited

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The 2022-2024 Manufacturing Recovery and Support Program is a coaching program helping Atlantic Canadian manufacturers better understand the current situation they face by identifying and supporting a clear path forward.

Coaching sessions are intended to provide individual manufacturers or leaders with hands-on support in planning, mapping and deploying steps to return to productivity, as well as engage improvements along the way.

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