Why EMC?

At EMC, we are often asked what separates us from the rest of the crowd of those who claim to be able to help you achieve the great things you want for your business. Whether you are a business owner, a General Manager, a back shift supervisor or a hands on employee, you all play a part in the success of your operation and you all realize it's not always an easy thing to achieve. Businesses today face many issues...similar in some respects to those faced by businesses years ago; but the speed of commerce, the global economy, social media etc. are all adding new challenges to what you do every day, in some cases every minute.

Good news is, you are not alone. Manufacturers all around you are dealing with the same things right now. They are on your street, in your town or in your region and they produce a whole range of products. Some are struggling to solve the same puzzle you solved last week, while others may have solved your current puzzle last month. The challenge is, how do you get to know these people? You drive by their building everyday on the way to work and in many cases you don't even know what they do in there, but they are manufacturers and we know many of them. We also respect them as the experts that they are, those who have been successful and have the scars to prove it are the true experts in our opinion.

Bringing people together at the grass roots level is the foundation of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.

We understand that no one company has it ALL figured out, and we have seen what can happen when companies and strangers share experiences and swap ideas. Neat things happen, discussions happen, and puzzles are sometimes solved. The biggest challenge for some is getting their heads around the idea that it is okay to explain how your first attempt to do something failed, it can happen to anyone and you learned from it.

Sharing is a learned skill that comes with practice. Help someone out, they help you, nobody loses and you become a better, more successful business as a result. Do this a couple of times and you'll understand what separates EMC from everyone else.

"Sharing and Stealing with Pride" is our motto and for many years we have seen those who belong and participate benefit from membership as a result. If you are a member, try to get out to your next local event to meet your neighbors again. If you are not yet involved, get in touch...the manufacturers down the street want to meet you, and so do we.Glenn Durnford Field Service Advisor, Nova Scotia 


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