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Dear Prince Edward Island Consortium members,

As our areas continue to grow, this page will provide you with activity information as well as relevant local links to resources.

Members in PEI have provided topic and event requests which are outlined in the calendar of events. As we all know, schedules can change so final details will be provided closer to event dates. We still have a couple of events floating due to some critical details so check for updates often.

If you are a member, provide input on challenges but also speak loudly about your great successes. If you are not yet involved, get in touch...the manufacturers down the street want to meet you, and so do we.

Beyond PEI:  There is regular activity throughout various regions of Canada, check out the 'News and Blogs' section of our website to see what other manufacturers are doing.

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The WCB is committed to ensuring that PEI’s safety and compensation legislation protects workers and employers, promotes a culture of workplace safety and encourages safe and timely return to work.


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