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february.jpgYou can't deny that we're finally in the middle of winter, no matter how you spin it. Chocolates and roses are all very well, but you'd better like snow and cold or this month will get you down. On the other hand, from Feb 9-25 you'll be able to re-discover all that makes winter great by watching the Olympics.

You can discover what makes manufacturers great by coming to EMC SIGs! (How was that for a segue?) We have a great SIG planned at GreenField Global on February 21 that will help understand cap & trade vs. carbon taxes, which might prove helpful in the upcoming political debates. The Liberals, of course, would continue with cap & trade, but the PC platform is in disarray with no consensus on carbon policy. Drop me an email to register if you haven't already.

I've posted the 2018 schedule below so you can see what's coming your way. If there are any topics that you would like to explore with your peers, please let me know and we can work them into the schedule.

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SIG Schedule

Chatham-Kent Blog

Since many manufacturers operate without an ERP system, the answer to this question is obviously, No, an ERP system is not as necessary as digestion. However, they do seem to be a common evolutionary path for many manufacturers, and recently a morning was well-spent exploring ERP implementation at a SIG in Windsor.

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EMC Happenings

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February 23, 2018

Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace

Michelle NicholsHealth & Safety

Mental health problems affect 1 in 5 Canadians each year! With statistics like that it is likely someone in your workplace may be experiencing a mental health problem right now.

Photo of Cori Hanna Offline
February 22, 2018

Turn the Lights Down Low.... or Up!

Cori HannaHealth & Safety

How Lighting Impacts Employee Productivity

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Cat Haggert
Field Service Advisor
Windsor Essex, Chatham Kent,
Regional Office 226·388·3894

Let EMC make your job easier! EMC is a one-stop shop for manufacturing companies who are interested in improving processes, implementing energy strategies, networking, enhancing the skills of employees, developing safety strategies, and sharing best practices.

We are a clearing centre for information: If we don’t have the answer here, we can put you in touch with someone who does. EMC members utilize our knowledge network so they do not have to re‐invent the wheel!

MISSION STATEMENT: Members sharing to optimize learning, expertise, and resources to achieve world‐class.

 Feel free to contact me to learn more about how EMC helps manufacturers.

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SW Ontario SIG (registration required)

Tuesday, March 20 8AM → 11AM ET
Attending this SIG event is a great opportunity to interact, share, and discuss strategy with your p…
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