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EMC Food, Beverage & Bio Sector: Energy Summi…

Wednesday, May 30 → Thursday, May 31
ENERGY SUMMIT 2018: This is always a wonderful Event that brings together fabulous speakers on Ener…

Energy Summit 2018

Wednesday, May 30 → Thursday, May 31
ENERGY SUMMIT 2018 brings together Canada’s energy efficiency experts to grow momentum for your busi…

Ldn/Oxf SIG Session - What to Consider when Consid…

Wednesday 8AM → 10AM
What to consider when considering a plant physical expansion...Tour
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Wernher Verbraeken
Field Service Advisor

Head Office: 866-323-4362
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Let EMC make your job easier! EMC is a one-stop shop for manufacturing companies who are interested in improving processes, implementing energy strategies, networking, enhancing the skills of employees, developing safety strategies, and sharing best practices.

We are a clearing centre for information: If we don’t have the answer here, we can put you in touch with someone who does. EMC members utilize our knowledge network so they do not have to re‐invent the wheel!

MISSION STATEMENT: Members sharing to optimize learning, expertise, and resources to achieve world‐class.

 Feel free to contact me to learn more about how EMC helps manufacturers.

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