TNR Industrial Doors

A proud member of EMC and the Barrie/Midland Consortium

TNR Industrial Doors, an EMC member in Barrie, Ontario was honoured at a Barrie Chamber of Commerce dinner on November 13th. 

The company won the Manufacturing Business Excellence Award. TNR Industrial Doors joined EMC in 2006 and has been an active and valued member ever since.  The company has recently moved to new premises at 200 Fairview Drive in Barrie to accommodate their growth and production needs. They make rapid roll rubber doors used by thousands of facilities around the world (mining, pulp & paper mills, oil and gas, waste transfer stations, cold storage, warehousing, automotive and steel industries, etc. They build their door to fit your needs. 

One of the interesting facts about their doors (which they have demonstrated during an EMC plant tour) is that they are break-away so, if they are hit by something, they can come of the track and be set up again within 5-10 minutes.  The employees take delight in being the one to drive the tow motor through the closed door in order to demonstrate this feature! TNR Industrial Doors is a proud member of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and is grateful for the award/recognition. Congratulations!

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