The Look Company

A proud member of EMC and the Barrie/Midland Consortium

Recognizing the opportunities of fabric as a large-scale communications tool triggered the creation of the now world-class, The Look Company. The Look Company specializes in providing event and location branding solutions for Sport, Retail and Commercial customers globally.

Recognized as the pioneer of the "Look of the Games" as well as expanding to Retail, the company's expertise is in exploiting the entire available landscape and architecture, interior and exterior, to deliver imaginative and visually engaging fan and consumer environments.

The Look History: Our design and manufacturing of tension fabric products are augmented by our capabilities that extend beyond fabric creations and now also include sculptures, building wraps, panoramic billboards, signage, gateways, building projections and lighting. Success has been seen in world recognized events such as the Vancouver Olympics, Woman's FIFA, PanAm Games; professional sports including Hamilton Tiger Cats and Saskatchewan Rough Rider stadiums; and retail branding includes Samsung, Under Armour, Bauer and Estee Lauder.

A little TLC from TLC: For many businesses, ‘giving back’ is often a once-a-year, obligatory effort. For The Look Company, making a positive impact on our planet and the people who reside here is just part of our everyday business operations. Through environmentally-friendly production practices and having cultural empathy and understanding for our fellow human beings, TLC gives our planet and its people…well… TLC!

We are continually striving to reduce our environmental impact and increase our social responsibility through sustainable, green printing practices.

MOGWear – Recut, Reduce, Relive: The Look Company wanted to find a way to minimize the amount of waste post-use of large-scale fabric displays and divert that waste from land?lls. MOGwear products are not only unique and recycled, but they are also literally pieces of world-class Games’ history.

Social Conscience: The term “children are our future” is often loosely thrown around for political or social reasons. However, at The Look Company we consider ourselves an international education partner, working to empower and enable youth to become agents of positive change.

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