Stone Straw Limited

A proud member of EMC and the Brantford Consortium

Stone Straw Limited has succeeded in making a radical change in it's safety culture. This is marked by completing 365 days without a lost time accident on February 14, 2013. Safety awareness has expanded to the point where 60% of reports for 2012 were non-incidents or hazard reports. That figure has increased to almost 90% for 2013 to date.

The current JHSC members are proactive and have individual assignments contributing to the overall results at Stone. In fact, for the first time in company history, the JHSC worker members had to compete for their positions through elections. Workplace inspections are the responsibility of the JHSC, and supervisors and management. This results in three separate health and safety inspections every month.

About Stone Straw Limited: Stone Straw Limited manufactures and supplies plastic drinking straws, coffee stirrers, molded bar supplies, pizza supports, PET Clear Cups, portion cups with lids, and woodware products such as popsicle sticks, toothpick, bamboo skewers, and a number of custom medical products from plants in North America and Europe.

Marvin STONE patented the artificial drinking straw in 1888. Today Stone is North America's largest independent dedicated straw manufacturer. Stone produces the largest selection of straws and stirrers on the market. They manufacture and sell over 300 sku's of straws and stirrers.

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