Shepherd Thermoforming


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Shepherd is proud of its staff in achieving a 96% score in the recent SQF audit. A couple weeks after receiving a 100% on its ISO audit we had the auditor show up for the unannounced SQF audit. It takes dedication and continuous attention throughout the year in order to be prepared for such an instance.

This year we received a high score of 96%.SQF Certificate 2018 – Shepherd Thermoforming & Packaging Inc

Great work to our employees in making our products food safe for our customers and the end consumers.

Almost every job starts with a CAD drawing that is generated by our engineering staff from information provided by the customer. This detailed design will include all the features to satisfy the customer’s production process and market requirements.

On receiving approval of the design, we will build a prototype mold and create a number of physical samples to help the customer see what the final production piece will look like. This will also allow the opportunity to make any minor changes and do market trials which may be necessary before the project goes to mass production.

By handling the project entirely in-house we are able to give more concrete timelines, provide a faster turn around and resolve problems as they arise, ultimately helping you generate the greatest return on your investment.

All shipments of Thermoformed plastic packaging from Shepherd will arrive in the customers plant with the assurance that it was produced under the strict guidelines of the Safe Quality Food and ISO certifications that Shepherd rigorously maintains.

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