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A proud member of EMC and the Nova Scotia Consortium

Way back in 1965, RPS Composites supplied its first FRP pipe.  The application was a hydroelectric penstock in Nova Scotia Canada and we started big – 8.5 foot diameter.

The same reasons FRP and RPS were chosen for that first application back in 1965 hold true today.  Properly specified, designed, fabricated, and installed FRP pipe systems and equipment offer significant performance and installed cost advantages over other materials of construction in a wide range of industries including Pulp and Paper, Pollution Control, Mineral Processing, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor.  RPS Composites provides FRP and Dual Laminate pipe systems, process equipment, and on-site services for industrial applications and today, as in 1965, we supply value to our customers by giving them smarter choices.

Our engineered composite solutions are tailored to the needs of each of our customers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtlqbEZAXPs We make it easier for customers to realize the benefits of choosing composite piping and equipment.

Since that pioneering beginning in 1965, RPS has grown to become a global composite solutions provider with pipe systems and equipment installed worldwide in more than 45 countries.  We are proud of our past and proud of our blue chip customer base that trusts us to provide technically sound composite alternatives to traditional and often more expensive materials of construction.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers and customers, past, present, and future for your business and support of the RPS brand.  We work hard to win customers’ trust and work even harder to live up to that trust and we will continue to do so into the future.

Speaking of the future, while we are proud of our history, we know we can’t rest on our past performance.  We embrace continuous improvement and the practice of “lean” so that we may quickly and cost effectively adapt to the changing needs of our customers.  We are an industry and business that is not driven by technology but rather by knowledge and experience.  We will continue to invest in our people and will continue to actively support industry associations that further the design of corrosion resistant composites for industrial applications.  RPS employees hold the following positions within industry groups:  Bruce Hebb, VP Engineering, Chair of ASME RTP Standards Committee, and Chair of the Design Sub Group of the ASME NMPP FRP Pipe Sub Committee; Phil Wilt, Engineering Manager RPS Composites Alabama, member  of RTP Standards Dual Laminate Sub Committee;  Kira Townsend, RPS Composites Sales Manager, Vice Chair of NACE TEG 191X.  These commitments involve significant investment of time and money but we believe they are worthwhile as they provide growth and learning opportunities for our people and our industry.

Our Vision at RPS Composites is to provide solutions to our customers and prosperity for our people.

We strive to achieve this by following our mission to provide value to our customers by listening, thinking, doing the right thing for today and tomorrow. Thanks again for your support over the past 50+ years.  We look forward to working with all of you long into the future.

Contributed by Robert Hawkins, President

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