Norlok Technology Inc.

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By switching out lighting from metal halide to high efficiency fluorescent and other measures, The company's environmental policy has reduced its electricity usage by more than 25 per cent since 2008.

All manufacturers of Clinching Machine have a standard product line.  Most have standard floor mounted larger machines as well as a line of portable smaller machines.  One of Norlok's benefits is that we are machine designers and we have a vast wealth of pneumatic and hydraulic clinching machine building experience. This allows us the ability to build special and custom machinery for our customers that have specific applications.  Most of our competitors do not offer custom machinery designs. Our experience and the ability to offer custom designs sets Norlok in a league of its own.

The fact that we use the latest version of Solidworks 3D CAD design software complete with full FEA analysis allows us to design and simulate operation of the machinery before it goes into production.  Our experience and use of the latest technology gives our customers the confidence to move ahead with special custom projects and machines for their  specific applications. 

Norlok Technology was started in 1994.  The designs of the first machines built at Norlok were actually drawn on a drafting board.  Norlok did have a CAD system but the cost of a full size drawing plotter was beyond the means of a small startup company.

Purchasing a pen plotter part way through our first year and the drafting board was retired.  Norlok has always maintained the latest CAD design software and keeps the design engineers up to date with the advances.  We can now generate 3D models of all of our components and they are seamlessly fed to the CNC equipment in the machine shop.  The purchase of CNC equipment has allowed us to manufacture components for our equipment that was not possible with conventional machines.

Many of our suppliers also offer 3D models of their products that we can integrate into our designs prior to production.  This process significantly reduces the number of surprises at assembly.  The 3D modeling also allows us to generate models for quotation of special or custom equipment that can demonstrate to the customer the operation of the machine complete with a model of their part going through the fastening process.  These renderings and simulations can been demonstrated to customers on computer screens, tablets and even on a smartphone.

Norlok believes in personal contact with both existing and potential customers.  If you call Norlok you always talk to a person.  Our customers have always stated that we are 'easy' to deal with.

Norlok Technology Inc. designs and manufactures sheet metal Clinching machines.  Clinching or Parent Metal Fastening is a method of fastening sheet metal that replaces spot welding, riveting, or screws.  Norlok services customers in a variety of industries including Heating and Ventilation, automotive, appliances, swimming pools and sign industries just to mention a few.  Although our primary market is the United States we serve customers all over the world and currently have machines and equipment in over 30 countries.

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