Metso Minerals Canada Inc. - North Bay

A proud member of EMC and the Northern Ontario Consortium

Metso Mineral Embraces EMC's Lean Management program and see success in finding different ways of operating!

Lean Management program is a new way of thinking about ideas and networking with other companies. The employees at Metso are realizing other companies are having many of the same issues that we have.

Currently Metso is seeing success with 2 projects and both are started.

Product flow – We have moved product to be more efficient, also where we are unloading products and  relocation of work centres in the factory.

Waste reduction - We have started buying tooling to mould products to length to reduce scrap in cutting dept.. Have also started to reclaim waste rubber within our pressing operations.

At Metso Mineral because of the Lean Management System Program, we have saved on labour, wear and tear on the forklifts and fuel consumption, as well as calculating the savings on scrap - Landfill fees, and savings in material purchases.

About Metso - is a minerals processing and flow control technology and services supplier for the mining, aggregates, and oil and gas industries. The company is also known for its automation solutions for pulp, paper and power generation.

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