Malabar Super Spice Company

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Malabar Super Spice Company has been serving customers for over 30 years.

After more than 3 decades, Malabar continues to raise the bar when it comes to product quality, food safety and customer service thanks to Doris Valade and her dedicated staff.  

Having been born into the business as the daughter of the man responsible for opening the first butcher equipment supply company in Canada, Doris is no stranger to the ins and outs of the industry.

Food safety is amongst the company’s 4 pillar structure, (Food safety, Health and Safety, Productivity and Profitability) which compliments Malabar’s brand promise of “quality first” across all departments.

Food safety: Malabar’s food safety culture is deeply rooted in their motto “teamwork makes the dream work” which, judging by their 2016 BRC audit rating of “AA”, has paid off. With the inclusion of bi-weekly food safety meetings, daily team briefings, and monthly facility inspections, Malabar maintains a dedicated focus on improving food and safety as part of their promise of great quality spices and incomparable service.

Health and Safety: At Malabar, food safety procedures are constantly being reviewed and enforced. Whether it’s a redesign of the floor plan to address allergens, or adjusting an already aggressive set margin for swab studies, there’s no cutting corners or reliance on quick fixes when it comes to the continuous improvements in Malabar’s every day activities.

Productivity: The care that goes into each and every procedure and product is mimicked in their customer service. Malabar’s dedicated staff is readily available to answer phone calls, speaking directly to their customers. Real people growing a real success story. Known for single spices and quality food ingredients, Malabar provides a variety of custom blends tailored to suit their customers’ needs. In turn, this provides Malabar with outlets to create innovative solutions while continuing their competitive product development for those customers looking for something new.

Profitability: Doris Valade and her staff truly live by what they preach, proving that their dedication to providing the best possible products, excellent customer service and inherent knowledge of food safety, continues to change the way we look at the business of spices. Malabar’s impressive dedication goes beyond the walls of the factory, extending to the local community.  With interest in outreach programs and community partnerships, Malabar has teamed up with a range of charities and outreach programs. From providing a Burlington family with funds to get them through the Christmas holidays, to an education bursary awarded to the student who has shown outstanding skill development in the local high school’s food program, Malabar is a staple of the community.

About us: Malabar provides quality spices, ingredients and seasoning blends for food processors across Canada, while offering assistance with product development, technical and regulatory support as well as a deep involvement in trade associations the likes of Canadian Meat Council, Food and Beverage Ontario and OIMP. With a deeply rooted interest in the food industry, it’s easy to say that Malabar is more than just a spice supplier.  From “mom and pop butcher shops” to mid-sized provincially inspected processors and large food plants, Malabar handles a range of clients from big to small and everything in between. Malabar is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and personalized service that puts the “customer” back in customer service.

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