Lofthouse Manufacturing

A proud member of EMC and the Northern Ontario Consortium

Lofthouse Manufacturing is an EMC member in Northern Ontario.  As one of the largest employers in the Almaguin region Lofthouse is an integral part of the economy in the community and surrounding area.

Lofthouse has been awarded many supplier awards for innovation, delivery, engineering and most recently they were awarded a 2016 Ontario Export Award.

These awards recognize leadership and exporting growth in diverse sectors of Ontario’s economy.

In the Awards of Excellence category, Lofthouse Manufacturing received the Global Reach Award which recognizes companies that have diversified far beyond North American markets to achieve significant international exporting success and/or have established effective global trade relationships to boost their exporting competitiveness.

For over half a century Lofthouse has been helping to build success for customers by launching – and often pioneering – major advances in non-ferrous forging and machining.

Some of the most demanding industries across North America rely on Lofthouse for unmatched quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Lofthouse has invested more than $40 million in state-of-the-art automated equipment and production systems over the past eight years.  Through this substantial investment in cutting-edge machining technology and equipment, operated by teams of experienced and dedicated craftsmen, Lofthouse is committed to becoming one of the most technically advanced forging and machining manufacturers worldwide.

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