Laurel Steel Inc.

A proud member of EMC and the Burlington Consortium

Laurel Steel produces cold-finish bar and cold-drawn wire and mesh products from its 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Burlington, Ontario. On September 16, 2017, Laurel Steel celebrated its 50th Anniversary with an open house for family and friends of the company.

Participants celebrated Laurel Steel’s growth from a small shop that sold odds and ends to the concrete industry to a customer-focused supplier with a reputation of providing the highest quality product and service for a wide range of applications, from mining to construction to hockey helmet cages. Visitors toured the facility (on foot or by train!), watched a special video presentation about Laurel and its history, and enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with cake, ice cream and cotton candy (for the young and the young at heart).

Over the past 50 years Laurel Steel hit a number of impressive milestones:

  • First North American cold finisher to earn the ISO 9002 registration; among the first to earn QS 9000 registration (currently TS 16949 registered)
  • Implemented BLUESTAR in the early 1990s—a management focus that emphasized teamwork, allowing ideas to flow up from the production floor to create improvements in safety, throughput, efficiencies, quality, and cost. It doesn’t look the same as it did in the 90’s but the philosophy of employee input is still the same
  • A safety record of over 2 million hours worked with no lost time accidents from 2007 to 2013. Awarded Nucor’s President’s Safety Award for Excellence in Safety from 2010 to 2015
  • The tallest KASTO storage system of its kind in the world, at 85 feet tall, containing 2,300 storage cassettes, and a load capacity of 18,000 tons. Earlier this year Laurel upgraded KASTO with minimal disruption to its customers
  • Earned the 2015 NPCA Sustainability Award for responsible production. Laurel Steel has a landfill diversion rate of 97%.
  • Awarded the 2016 Heritage Award by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1967 by Milton Harris, Laurel Steel is a steel processor that values safety, quality and the environment. Part of the Harris Steel Group, a Nucor company, Laurel Steel is located in Burlington Ontario in a 350,000 sq. ft. facility on 22 acres of land.

While producing cold finish bar and cold drawn wire and mesh products, we also produce a safe working environment for our teammates.

We believe that safety is everybody’s responsibility! At Laurel Steel, our teammates know safety is their first priority and the most important thing to them is to go home safe at the end of the day.

We continue earn our reputation for excellence through our actions. Being the first North American Cold Finisher to earn the ISO 9002 registration, among the first to earn QS 9000 registration and currently TS 16949 registered, to reaching the safety record of over 2 Million Hours worked with no Lost Time accidents from 2007 to 2013 – our focus on our customers and our team mates.

Our building also reaches for excellence with a 95 ft. tower housing a specifically designed KASTO Unicompact Storage System. At 85 ft. tall, this storage system is the tallest of its kind in the world containing 2,300 storage cassettes with a gantry crane on each side. The cranes move quickly - with speeds of 328 ft./minute in longitudinal travel and up to 200 ft./minute when pulling/pushing the cassettes. In order to maximize loading and unloading times, each gantry is equipped with two simultaneously working cassette pulling devices. This system ensures faster shipping time, more efficient order processing for our customers and has a 99.7% level of inventory accuracy.

Recently earning the 2015 NPCA Sustainability Award for responsible production of our products, we also have a landfill diversion rate of 97%. We do this through recycling steel waste to collecting compostable waste in the lunch rooms. We want to ensure that as much waste as possible produced by Laurel Steel doesn’t reach our landfills.

We continue to strive towards our vision of being the safest place to work while having high quality standards and a customer focus that continues to beat the competition.

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