Label Innovation Inc.

A proud member of EMC and the Ottawa Consortium

Label Innovation Inc. (LINC) excels in their customer service and takes it to the next level! Gaining efficiencies with 58% improvements on their raw materials and producing the SAME amount of final product with bigger cost savings; while achieving excellent customer service.

LINC uses precision flexographic technology to do complex converting in the manufacture of functional labels and components for materials used in the medical, industrial, and security industries.  For over 30 years, they have built a solid reputation for delivering high quality products and maintaining excellent customer service.

They welcome the challenge of manufacturing a new product, especially one with little or no production precedent. This was the case when one of our clients, a global health care company specializing in patient point-of-care testing, needed to manufacture a precision rubber component  for a blood analyzer. Their goal was to increase yield and efficiency by reducing elastomeric waste and streamline the converting process.

Our process started with a roll of elastomer that was die cut, processed, laminated, slit and centred onto a projection reel.  After careful deliberation, testing and process improvement, we developed an innovative way of scalloped slitting that increased yield using the same amount of raw material but with less waste. Our client now requires 58% less material to produce the same amount of final product.  A substantial savings and another happy business partner!

This is just one of many examples of how we work with our customers to continuously improve the manufacturing process and final product. Our objective is to be an integral part of our customer's operations and follow a collaborative approach to achieving the highest possible quality and service.

LINC is ISO 9001 certified, a 3M Preferred Converter and Controlled Goods Certified, a testimony to our commitment to a high degree of quality in the products we produce and the service we provide.

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