A proud member of EMC!

Kretschmar has provided the highest quality processed meat products to customers first in Europe and then in North America. From our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, we develop many new products every year for the Kretschmar brand and private label market.

Our customers include many leading North American supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, and food retailers. On the plant floor, in the laboratory, and in the office, our employees work hard to consistently meet and exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. 

1 YEAR NO LOST TIME! From Jan2013-Dec 2013 Kretschmar's employees achieved one year with not one recordable lost time incident.  To celebrate all departments gathered for "Cake Day" in recognition of this achievement.. Verna D'Souza, HR at Kretschmar feels that early reporting, spotting hazards before they became harmful, participating with modified work and return to work program, reporting hazard awareness, participating in safety talks are a large part of this achievement. Kretschmar would thank the joint health and safety committee for their help in investigations and monthly inspections. Well done!

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