Hydra Dyne Technology Inc.

A proud member of EMC and the Oxford Region Consortium

Hydra Dyne Tech is proud to celebrate 25 years of successfully building world-class custom hydraulic components that global heavy equipment original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have come to rely on.

In business since 1992, Hydra Dyne Tech designs and manufactures custom hydraulic manifolds, cylinders and swivels that use our unique LocSeal technology to stand up to the toughest of field conditions.  Serving the forestry, agriculture, construction and defense market sectors, our highly skilled team of engineers and operators use their decades of experience to customize and adapt designs to meet our customers’ needs.

Hydra Dyne Tech operates two plants in Southwestern Ontario and serves customers all over the world.  Our main plant is a 45,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility located in Ingersoll, ON, where more than 100 engineers, manufacturing experts and support personnel work to supply the world’s most reliable and durable hydraulic products.

Hydra Dyne Tech has embraced technology as the lifeline to manufacturing in the 21st century.  In its constant drive for efficiency and collaboration, Hydra Dyne Tech has come to rely on the manufacturing solutions developed and delivered by its sister company, Invaware.  Solutions such as Mr. Narrative and Hotlist have transitioned the manufacturing environment into a collaborative platform where standard operating procedures (SOPs) and knowledge share is digitized, mobile and real-time.  This technology-driven philosophy has provided the competitive edge to allow Hydra Dyne Tech to thrive in a global market and has imbedded innovation and knowledge transfer as the defining characteristics of our company culture.

How has Mr. Narrative’s digital SOP’s changed Hydra Dyne’s life???

It was a couple of months after we’ve hired 10 new Machinist apprentices that we had noticed that there was a communication gap developing at Hydra Dyne. Our new, young and inexperienced hires weren't being trained well. Information was being forgotten as fast as we could train it, despite having thorough SOP's documented. Needless to say it was a source of great frustration with our team on the floor. We went on a root cause analysis and discovered that our experienced, ageing workforce was no longer communicating in a method that was easily understood, and retained, by the young up and comers.

We also found that many of our SOP's were slightly out of date, and that the new hires were unable to bridge the gaps that had naturally created in time. Our solution was to completely redesign our SOP process, allowing for rapid collection, updating and searching of all of our procedures using tablets right on the floor. With the aid from Invaware, a local software development partner, a longtime partner to Hydra Dyne, we developed Mr. Narrative, an online app. designed to create real time, mobile, visual (combining both pictures and text), step-by-step work instructions (SOP’s).

Mr. Narrative not only bridged the communication gap but also provided a fantastic mechanism for keeping all SOP's up to date. It greatly improved knowledge transfer from senior (experienced) employees to newer (less experienced) employees, significantly reduced time and ensured greater consistency when training new employees. It’s been three months since we’ve rolled out Mr. Narrative and we already see reduced errors, downtime and scrap produced (drove profitability).

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