Grober Nutrition

A proud member of EMC and the Cambridge Consortium

Celebrating our 40th anniversary this June, Grober Nutrition is the milk replacer specialists, producing milk replacer for calves, lambs and many other young animals. Our experience comes not only from science but also the practical day-to-day raising of more than 100,000 calves annually.

In the Production Plant of Grober Nutrition, we employ over 35 full time employees, including Production Workers, Supervisors, Lab Techs and Management. It is here where we produce the milk replacer, which involves large amounts of material handling for the Workers, and the use of industrial mixers and packaging lines. Much of the work involves repetitive movements and awkward positions. In a very small Production Plant, we have 3 forklifts running back and forth, to do the work of moving pallets, loading trucks etc.

On March 18th, 2014, we celebrating reaching 1300 days of no lost time injuries, a huge accomplishment for everyone involved. It was only the end of last year, where we decided to begin counting the days, putting a white board up so we could show everyone our count! It motivated us all to continue working hard towards our goal of 1300 days, which we achieved through the entire teams dedication to working safe. We celebrated the accomplishment through a gift card draw and pizza party for our staff, and will be further celebrating on June 13th of this year at our 40th anniversary celebrations.

Several of the things we do to ensure we keep everyone's mind on safety are: Monthly Safety Talks from the health and safety department, daily inspections of the workplace, positive reinforcement for the Workers to work safe and acknowledgement and praise when they are working in a safe manner, encouragement to stretch daily and ongoing training. We also ensure to arm our Supervisors with all the training and knowledge necessary to ensure everyone is working safe. Our goal to ensure that at the end of the day, everyone goes home safe to their loved ones.

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