Greenfield Ethanol

A proud member of EMC and the Brockville & Area Consortium

"Good things come to good people" - perhaps an old-fashioned statement but very apt in this instance.  Members of the Brockville and Area EMC Consortium have been watching the Greenfield Ethanol plant grow and develop since this new plant in Johnstown, Ontario became an EMC member shortly after it opened in December of 2008.

Soon after their membership began, Plant Manager, Darrell Veres offered to host their first Strategic Interest Group (SIG) event.  Darrell and his team have been hosting and regularly attending local and neighbouring SIGs ever since.

GreenField Ethanol's Johnstown plant has won one of our three PEM Maintenance Awards. Watch our video of the winning team talk about their preventive maintenance culture.

As an FSA, one of my duties is to meet with member plants regularly and determine challenges and issues that members are facing (a continually moving target).  These challenges determine the topics for local events and networking opportunities.  I also ask members if they would share their best practices with other members - to help each other grow and learn.  About four years ago, a member in the Brockville Consortium asked if we could run a Maintenance SIG (at the Regional level in order to bring other Eastern Ontario Consortium members into the discussion).  The topic this member wanted to learn more about was Preventative Maintenance (PM).  Do we have a plant in Eastern Ontario that feels that their PM program is a best practice and would they be willing to share their practices with other EMC members?  I was actually surprised to find out that though many plants were dabbling in PM practices, no one felt that their program was at a stage where it could be termed a best practice.  After speaking with many members, a year later, I still had not found a host for this topic.

This is where Greenfield Ethanol comes into the story.  When conducting a plant visit at Greenfield Ethanol in the Spring of 2011, Darrel Veres told me he was sure their Maintenance Manager would be pleased to share the preliminary work they had done on their PM System - which they term a "World-Class Maintenance System".  Darrell introduced me to Gary Wolfe.  Gary and his team set up a presentation for EMC members, some travelled more than three hours to get to this SIG.  We had a packed room and the discussion flowed. Gary openly noted at that time (two years ago) that their system was by no means perfect.  But "perfect" is not an operable word at an SIG. Members share their expertise and experience to help each other learn and move forward. The team at Greenfield Ethanol did this and I know every person at that SIG took something away that helped their own plant develop a better PM approach.

The employees at Greenfield Ethanol are a "TEAM".  Their company provides training, coaching, resources, and support for proactive programs. They emphasize planning. They work closely with their contractors and give their employees authority to make decisions and take ownership for their actions.

Best of all, for the rest of the EMC members in Eastern Ontario, they also openly share their experiences with other manufacturers. Congratulations to Gary Wolfe and his team for all of your hard work!  Your team most certainly have earned this award!   Thanks for networking and sharing.  We look forward to an update on your "World Class Maintenance System" at the Regional Maintenance SIG planned for next Fall!

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