Galeforce Welding

A proud member of EMC and the Brantford Area
Formally Wiltech Welding Ltd.

Galeforce Welding is proud to have achieved 1 Year without a Lost Time Injury.  Our best previous record was from 2005 until 2010, and we are striving to meet that benchmark again and surpass it in the future.

With strong consistent growth since coming out of the recession we realized how vital it is to ensure that all employees new and longtime, be knowledgeable of workplace hazards through ongoing training and a solid Health & Safety platform.

This achievement is a display of employees and management working together to ensure everyone returns home to their families in a safe and healthy manner for a long time to come.

Galeforce Welding is a family run business, established in 1989 with just two employees, and today has grown to a workforce of 39 people.  With our primary workload consisting of the heavy equipment industry, we fabricate equipment components incorporating such skills as press forming, MIG welding, robotic MIG welding, and powder coat finishing.  Multiple expansions have developed our modern facility into 40,000 sq. ft of production area and warehouse that can accept raw materials to cut, form, weld, and powder coat a high quality finished component back to the customer.

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