Descon Conveyor Systems & Consultants Inc.

Celebrating 2 Years No Lost Time!

Following an EMC Safety Group meeting where Doug Rourke said we should be giving ourselves more credit for implementing safety initiatives and that we should celebrate our safety achievements. Looking into our LTI history what a shock to find out that Descon was at approximately 1.5 years since our last Lost Time Injury. 

Every accident seems so fresh in the mind that we would never have imagined so much time had passed since the last one.  Descon held a company BBQ for the 1.5 year milestone and started recording the # of weeks without LTI in a visible location in the shop.  October 25, 2013 will represent exactly 2 years since our last LTI.

This achievement is for the whole company, but in particular for our mechanical and electrical manufacturing and service staff.

20 years ago in 1993, Descon Turnkey Systems Ltd. issued its first invoice to Canada Dry Bottling Co. which was the beginning of hundreds of projects throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Descon Conveyor Systems & Consultants Inc. has 45 employees and is actively seeking to fill additional positions. We have generated layouts or quotations for approximately 700 different Customers and have developed a reputation for innovative solutions and excellent workmanship.

THANK YOU to all of our Customers, Employees, Sales Reps, Suppliers, Consultants, Contractors and Industry Professionals that we have worked with over the past 2 decades.

We look forward to continuing to grow together. We are NOT a 2,000+ employee company! That means you work directly with our Engineering experts and key decision makers. Descon has served the high-end Beverage, Food and Container Manufacturing industries for 20 years. Almost ALL of our Customers are repeat Customers.

Submitted by David Farquhar, President
Descon Conveyor Systems & Consultants Inc.

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