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CleanRiver Recycling Solutions 25th Anniversary

CleanRiver is proud to celebrate its recognition as a Great Place to Work®! AND a new product launch on its 31st Anniversary!

CleanRiver Recycling Solutions is celebrating 31 years as a leader in the sustainability industry with their innovative recycling containers manufactured from recycled materials.

On the eve of their 31st anniversary, CleanRiver is pleased to announce that they have been certified as a Great Place to Work® after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience.  Hugh Caines, President of CleanRiver Recycling Solutions says that a great place to work is where employees feel valued, supported and recognized.

“CleanRiver is fully committed to our employee’s growth and development across all departments. Our goal is to continually engage and support our team and expand their individual and team development. We are proud to report that every employee receives an average of 40 hours of training a year ranging from job training development to strategic learning.  We also prioritize balance and flexibility. Because CleanRiver is our family we want to ensure that work/ life balance is there for them.  We work hard and want our employees to play hard.”

CleanRiver’s Future Ready and Transition® products, made from 97% recycled HDPE lumber, provide customizable commercial recycling with adjustable volumes and waste compartments that allow your containers to adapt as your recycling program changes. CleanRiver is excited to share their latest innovation in Transition Technology and Future Ready bins: the LeanStream. A new, effective waste collection solution designed by CleanRiver’s industry experts to help simplify recycling and reduce waste stream contamination. LeanStream was designed with accessibility in mind. Whether you currently have a robust recycling program with more expensive products but due to budget restrictions may not be in a place to expand, the LeanStream is the perfect accessory solution that can be customized to fit your current recycling program for a fraction of the cost.

“The LeanStream represents CleanRiver’s belief that everyone and every organization should have an equal opportunity to have a successful recycling program, save their business money and do the right thing without having to compromise on quality or effectiveness,” says Bruce Buchan, CEO of CleanRiver Recycling Solutions.  “Ideal for schools, campuses, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and businesses of all sizes the LeanStream (made from recyclable HDPE) will enhance any organization’s recycling program to support its recycling goals while protecting its investment,” explains Buchan.

Business owners and facility managers who are interested in starting a recycling program or making waste management more sustainable can find out more about the new LeanStream and product options available by visiting

About CleanRiver Recycling Solutions: For 31 years, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions has designed and manufactured innovative recycling bins made from recycled materials. CleanRiver has moved beyond the familiar “reduce, reuse, recycle” to shift towards a more environmentally sustainable approach called the 4C’s of recycling: culture, communication, collection and cleanliness. In hopes of achieving zero-waste goals, CleanRiver offers sustainable solutions to support any type of recycling/ sanitation program. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, the company performs all its manufacturing on-site. Its products protect a customer's investment due to the customizable number and volume of waste streams. To read more about the company, visit

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