City Welding Sudbury Limited

A proud member of EMC and the Sudbury Consortium
In the last 5+ years has not had any Lost Time Injuries

City Welding overcame the old culture and reestablished a new culture. By revamping their H&S Policies, brought in a third party to organize and update the H&S Program and took part in EMC's Safety Group, all of which has led to a very proactive H&S Program and a significant reduction in injuries.

City Welding have set up pre-starts on all major pieces of equipment:

  • An active H&S Committee,
  • Weekly H&S meeting,
  • Monthly H&S draw to recognize an individual for their participation in the H&S Program,
  • Put in place an Eye Incident Care Program that has all but eliminated First Aid incidents for eye injuries. 

They have established an Act of Safety recognition board where employees are encouraged to document daily acts of safety.

Striving to be proactive and to be a leader in our industry and community as it pertains to the health & safety of their employees and operations. City Welding have created a tracking system that allows them to track the time, nature and frequency for injuries in order that we may work towards eliminating all work related injuries and hazards before they occur. They have set out yearly H&S objective to reduce injuries by 10% and have met this target in each of the last 3 years.

These accomplishments have led to rebates from CAD, NEER and WSIB. The last Work Well audit in 2010 from WSIB was a success with a 77% passing grade the first time around. The WSIB Inspector commented that in her 8.5 years doing Work Well Audits for WSIB that City Welding was in the top 3 proactive companies she had audited.

City Welding wishes to acknowledge and thank all employees for their hard work and dedication to achieve the goal to have a hazard and injury free workplace. Without their commitment, these achievements would not have been possible.

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