Campbell Company of Canada

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Long before environmental sustainability was top of mind, Campbell developed an early method of sustainable food packaging – Condensed soup. That spirit of innovation still applies today.

Campbell saved more than 4.5 million pounds in steel, plastic and paper packaging materials, eliminated nearly 29,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions at its manufacturing operations and reduced greenhouse gas emissions per unit of food produced by more than 4 percent. Campbell also reduced water used by 3% and energy used by 2% per unit of food produced.

Water: By installing a High Pressure Low Volume system to reduce water and energy consumption during sanitation activities we’ve reduced water usage in our Toronto plant.

Waste: We continually strive to reduce our total solid waste. So far we’ve managed to reduce it by hundreds of tons and have reused or recycled almost half of our entire water consumption.

Packaging: Most of our packaging is recyclable. We have also reduced packaging in many other ways as well: We’ve reduced can thickness saving 1,205 tons of steel per year and have also reduced can ‘ends’ thickness – saving an additional 691 tons. By using thinner shrink-wrap, we eliminated 15 tons of plastic annually (20% reduction). Additionally, 160 tons of plastic liners and wrap are recycled. By switching from trays to bottom pads for stacking our product we’ve achieved a 48% reduction in the use of corrugated cardboard, saving 2,000 trees.

We’ve also reduced the amount of PET material in Beverage bottles by 33%

Energy: For more than 20 years, Campbell Canada has been implementing energy conservation programs at our Toronto plant including further reductions in 2011.  By installing a condensing economizer we’ve reduced GGE 2,200 metric tons per year.

Procurement: Almost 70% of Campbell Canada vegetable ingredients (by weight) come from local farms within 3 hours of our Toronto plant. That means that every year more than 5 million kg of fresh carrots, 6 million kg of fresh potatoes and 2 million kg of fresh mushrooms are sourced within 100 miles of our plant.

Campbell has been a welcome guest in Canadian kitchens for over 80 years and today we’re as committed as ever to providing Canadian families with the simple, healthy and affordable food and meal solutions they are looking for. That’s why we hold true to our Vision in everything we do. For us it means many things. It can mean ensuring there are nutritious choices across our family of products, like reduced sodium, more servings of vegetables and whole grains, or increased Vitamin D content. It can also mean helping Canadians prepare better meals through our easy, affordable recipes. Or it can mean meeting the dietary needs of our diverse Canadian population with gluten-free products and helping to alleviate hunger through our community involvement.

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