Boshart Industries

A proud member of EMC!

“To pursue sustainable growth as an integral part of the supply chain by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, predicated on service and quality, in order to exceed the expectations of employees, customers and suppliers.”

What makes Boshart Industries who they are?

They recognize that each member of the Boshart Industries Team is an integral part in the continuing success of the company. Their courteous and knowledgeable staff are focused on making every Boshart Experience a repeat experience.

From a dedicated sales staff, to having the right product at the right place at the right time, to stringent Quality Control procedures, and a customized management system. Their extensive product line includes custom molded products and a ready to order catalogue that caters to the needs in Water Well, Irrigation, Pool & Spa, Sump & Sewage, Industrial components, Plumbing and Heating applications. Boshart continually strives to exceed the customer’s expectations.

With this in mind - They look to the future with confidence that their experience will give them an advantage in meeting the ever changing demands in the markets they serve.

They are - Committed to Excellence – past, present and future.

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