Baytech Plastics

With decades of experience and craftsmanship, endless possibilities can be created here at Baytech Plastics.

Endless possibilities can be created here at Baytech Plastics with decades of experience and craftsmanship, we are not only an injection molding company, but rather we create solutions to a number of problems our customers might have. Offering the latest technology, we set the standard and offer a variety of manufacturing capabilities such as design assistance, prototyping, custom injection mold manufacturing as well as finishing and assembly. From start to finish, we ensure that our customers can rely on us for all of their plastic needs. We are a full service, contract-manufacturing facility with machines ranging from 40 to 2650 tons with the new addition of 6 axis robots, which offer greater flexibility while performing a wider variety of applications. 

Dedication to our employees is demonstrated through proper communication, support and the willingness to assist them in any way. Our customers came to Baytech for many reasons, and we have helped them find the solutions to their problems for more than 70 years. Our commitment to the environment is also a high priority within our company. Recently, we’ve updated all of our lights within our manufacturing buildings to LED and have worked diligently to create less waste during our manufacturing processes. Using 99% of our scrap and reintegrating them into our products is one of our many environment initiatives.

With our range of equipment, latest technology, unique processes and vast depth of knowledge, Baytech Plastics brings cutting edge results to our customers. Our years of experience combined with an amazing team make us leaders in the industry. If you believe you may benefit from teaming up with Baytech, do not hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can take on all your plastic needs.

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