B&D Manufacturing

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Mining supply and services company B&D Manufacturing reached one million hours of no lost time injuries this week. "This is a great accomplishment for our organization," said Andre Ruest, general manager for the Chelmsford-based company.

With around 125 employees, Ruest said the accomplishment amounted to nearly five years without any time lost due to injuries. B&D Manufacturing builds aluminum products, such as lightweight stands, wheel chocks, stairs and platforms for mines.

The company was founded in 1980 with the invention of the portable align boring machine. It differed from previous line boring machines in that it could be maintained on site, which saved customers on downtime costs. Mike Murphy, B&D Manufacturing's environmental health and safety manager, said the company prioritizes safety over everything else. "Our philosophy is: safety, production, quality," he said. "We always put safety first, which speaks volumes for our accident ratios." Before workers begin a job, Murphy said, they go through a safety checklist and identify any potential hazards. "No work moves forward without hazard identification and mitigation," he said.

To celebrate the milestone, B&D Manufacturing's management team gave employees commemorative first aid kits during a meeting Wednesday.

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