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Our Success is founded on three fundamental pillars of “quality, technology and teamwork”.

The automotive industry in North America has gone through many challenges and fundamental changes in a few short years and it is obvious that the rate and pace of change are likely to only accelerate. AGS feels that it is well positioned to weather these changes and to be a key player in the North American automotive industry, in light of its dedication to quality, its use of innovative technologies and its commitment to teamwork and collaboration.

In order to succeed, in 2002-2003 AGS’s new ownership embraced three fundamental pillars of “quality, technology and teamwork” for its business.

Quality We are committed to Quality across all of our products, our processes and our people. The automotive marketplace today sets a very high standard of quality and we consistently meet and exceed that standard. Our chrome warranty record is best in class and we continue to strive to achieve ever increasing quality for our customers. Technology We are leaders in the area of Technology and our spirit of innovation and creativity has led us to significant advancements in product and process quality, which has enabled us to deliver high quality, lower costs products to our customers. Research and development is and will remain a cornerstone of our business.

Teamwork and collaboration are our powerful path as they allow us to solve problems using creative solutions and to be nimble in an industry which is rapidly changing. Given AGS’s breadth of operations and our scope of process capabilities, teamwork is critical to enable us to respond to our customers’ changing needs and to meet their ever increasing demands for quality and cost competitiveness.

Since then, AGS has focused in these areas with strong results. On the quality side, as noted previously, AGS has an excellent warranty record. In addition, all of AGS’s locations in Canada and the United States are TS16949-2009 and ISO14001 compliant. In the area of technology, AGS has made strategic investments in innovation and automation, including in partnership with the Ontario Government’s OASIS initiative. In addition, AGS’s team is very collaborative and all employees are encouraged to develop innovations as they do their jobs and to continuously enhance their skills.

About: AGS is a full service supplier, with capabilities in stamping, plating, coating, welding, sequencing and assembly. A majority of AGS’s business is in the manufacture and supply of impact system assemblies/modules and the balance of its business is comprised of general stampings and complex welded assemblies. AGS supplies bumper systems and body-in-white structural modules to GM, Chrysler and several Tier 1 customers. AGS’s breadth of operations is quite extensive, and many of its programs span several locations in order to provide maximum service and optimal value-add to customers.

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