Machine Monitoring

EMC Direct - Machine Monitoring with FreePoint Technologies.

Over 7 million North American workers work in value adding roles without getting real-time feedback to maximize manufacturing productivity – leaving them under engaged, under-satisfied, and under-productive.

FreePoint took the simple notion that you can’t improve what you don’t measure and built monitoring technologies that interface to all kinds of manufacturing equipment to provide data in real-time to management and operators alike and empower them equally to improve productivity and maximize the ROI.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose FreePoint:

  • Gives you access to high value technology at a low cost.
  • Can measure/track manual & automated procedures.
  • Enables you to monitor any signal or action.
  • Quick, easy, non-invasive to install on all types & ages of machines.
  • Concise machine utilization numbers.
  • Very affordable & high return on investment.
  • Provides simple information that plant floor to front office can understand.
  • Create & measure KPI’s that are important to you.
  • Link or merge live machine data to/from any ERP or data base.
  • Makes back its cost on the first day of every month.

FreePoint’s solutions provide the analytic tools, dashboards, report generators, and information distribution tools that give you actionable info now, when you need it. You can send information to any screen or tablet or cell phone easily; it’s your information, you can package it, send it, display it, or report it in whichever fashion you prefer.

Through this EMC Direct Programs Members will take advantage of; 10% Discount on product & installation. 1 free day of training.

FreePoint can talk to all different control types and was quick & easy to install. I’m looking for very simple information so that everyone on the floor and management can understand…FreePoint gave me that. Ben Whitney, President of Armo Tool, EMC Member

FreePoint is a Canadian Company, located in London, Ontario.

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