EMC offers Consortium Members a broad range of services and programs to help them become more competitive. Their investment is returned in lower costs, better opportunities to compete for business and lower stress in dealing with the day-to-day complexities of running a manufacturing operation.

Check out these EMC initiatives, programs and services:

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“Without EMC, we would not have been exposed to all of this knowledge. We would still be operating as an isolated company, doing things as we had always done them. I would encourage any manufacturing company, no matter what they produce, to be a part of EMC. To not become involved would be a great disservice to your companies.”
EMC Member Company

“Our company goal was to “stay ahead of the curve” as we came out of the recession and with the support of EMC, we were able to make this happen. EMC is our foundation for growth, as we continue to utilize their experience and networking capabilities, so that we may excel beyond into the future.”
EMC Member Company

“Even if I bring one improvement back that we can use or modify to fit our process is a win-win for us. The SIG process in itself is value added and EMC membership fee is a small price to pay for a year of available knowledge and a network of sources that can be tapped into long after the SIG.”
EMC Member Company

“The “discussions” are most valuable; sometimes to realize what we need to do and other times to be assured that where we are is leading the way.“ 
EMC Member Company



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