Health & Safety Excellence Program

The new WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program integrates the strengths of the previous incentive programs into one and provides a clear roadmap for you to improve safety in your workplace, whether you are just getting started or want to improve systems and processes you already have in place.

Success in the program can earn you rebates and other non-financial recognition for your investment in health and safety.

The program connects businesses of all sizes to help you develop a program that is suitable for your business.

How the program works

  • Join - businesses will select a WSIB-approved provider (EMC) to work with, complete an assessment to help determine where they should start in their health and safety journey and develop an action plan to work on health and safety topics of their choice.
  • Develop - learn how to complete topics with the help of EMC.
  • Demonstrate - submit evidence of topic completion for review by EMC and then a WSIB validator.
  • Achieve - receive a rebate on their WSIB premiums and other recognition, such as digital achievement badges on Compass.


It is a voluntary, incentive program that connects businesses of all sizes with WSIB-approved providers (EMC) to improve the health and safety of their workplaces.

  • Successful validation of one or more topics
  • Compliance with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act - no convictions since the date your action plan was finalized until the time of the rebate and not currently under investigation
  • Must reconcile any balances owing to the WSIB prior to receiving any WSIB rebates
  • The impact of a fatality on eligibility will be determined by the WSIB at its discretion

Schedule 1 businesses that demonstrate improvement can receive recognition and a rebate on their WSIB premiums and should see a decrease in claim costs for their investment in health and safety.

  • Flexible timelines allow employers to work at their own pace.
  • Flexible entry points; employers choose where they start in the program, not necessarily at level 1.
  • Earn rebates and lower your premiums.
  • Improve your health and safety experience.
  • Gain access to a team of leading health and safety experts.
  • Receive exclusive access to EMC member resources.
  • Build a well-crafted and functional health and safety program.
  • Network with other Health and Safety professionals in your industry
  • The WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program provides the building blocks for businesses that want to seek MoL accreditation by providing a seamless roadmap to excellence.

Businesses with less ability to impact their premium (20% or less predictability) will receive 2% of their total annual WSIB premiums (based on previous calendar year) per health and safety topic successfully completed and verified by a WSIB validator.

Businesses with more ability to impact their premium (more than 20% predictability) will receive 1.4% of their total annual WSIB premiums (based on previous calendar year) per health and safety topic successfully completed and verified by a WSIB validator.

There is a minimum rebate of $1,000 per topic, up to 75% of the employer’s annual premiums.

Under the 2020 premium rate-setting model, all businesses fall into one of two categories based on their ability to influence their premium rate – high or low predictability. Your business predictability is a measure of how much your past claims experience and insurable earnings can be used to predict your future outcomes.

Low predictability means your business’s insurable earnings and the number of allowed claims are quite low. In this case, your claims experience would not have a significant impact on your rate. Instead, the rates of your class will have more influence on your premium rate to protect against volatility and the dramatic effect one claim could have on your rate.

Businesses with a higher number of allowed claims and larger insurable earnings, have higher predictability. In this case, volatility is not as high, as each single claim will likely not have a significant impact on your rate.

An Excellence program badge for participation, recognition for each topic and level completed, and the number of years in the program will be visible in Compass.

  • Access to health and safety resources,
  • Orientation training,
  • On-site visit from EMC Health & Safety Professionals to provide coaching and guidance to ensure program requirements are being met,
  • On-line and telephone support,
  • Support in documentation development,
  • Desk audit review of program requirements,
  • Members’ community website with a wealth of resources, tools and templates.

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