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Find solutions for those nagging questions that keep you up at night!

MNH-files.jpgEMC's Member Needs Help is an exclusive member service that provides an opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of other members and share information on topics such as policies and procedures...for everything from Health & Safety to Profit Sharing and everything in between! Any issue that keeps you up at night worrying about how it will affect your business is a likely candidate for MNH. 

Any EMC Member can use the MNH service...just let us know what's on your mind. We'll consult our massive database for a solution, and if we don't have one on file, we will broadcast your question anonymously to our membership. Responses are gathered confidentially and forwarded to you, as well any other members who request a copy of the information.

Avoid reinventing the wheel!
Find solutions to those nagging workplace issues!
Share your experience and expertise with fellow EMC members!


MNH Highlighted by Manufacturers as a Tremendous Member Benefit

MNH began informally over 12 years ago when Al DigginsEMC President & GM, fielded a crucial question from one of our member Senior Managers...a question which would require significant cost to research and draft policies for.

Al sent the member's inquiry confidentially (and anonymously) to Senior Manager Members in EMC's consortium network and within 48 hours, Al was able to provide member-generated answers, suggestions and over 50 policy examples! With that, 'MNH' was born and since that day, EMC's 'Member-Needs-Help' service has continued record a significant increase in questions from across our member consortium network.

Today, EMC offers many member services, but no single program has been used more than our Member-Needs-Help (MNH) service. As EMC's member network has grown, so as the demand for this service. Our MNH database has over ONE THOUSAND topics in the active member database, proof that EMC members value sharing ideas, knowledge, expertise and resources with fellow members. In a given topic category, there are generally HUNDREDS of best practices, policies and procedures, all of them up-to-date and relevant!

Our members have once again proven that networking works! Member Needs Help has grown into a key resource for members, with everything from '5S' Checklists to 'Working in Extreme Temperatures' and more!

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For more information, contact us at To submit a question or request information from our MNH database, EMC members can use our online forms. 



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