Mistake Proofing

Mistake Proofing (Poka - Yoke) Workshop

Public sessions consist of a 1/2 day Classroom 

Private In House Sessions also include a 1/2 day of Practical Implementation 
on the Floor

To introduce participants to the concepts of mistake proofing in order to eliminate mistakes from workplace processes.

This ½ day course is an excellent way to begin your Mistake Proofing efforts. Classroom instruction alternates with shop floor exercises to identify and apply the lessons learned to practical shop floor issues based on real process problems or opportunities for improvement. This is a highly interactive session where participants can actively engage in the discussion and learning process.

Zero Defects sounds like impossibility to most. Aren’t mistakes inevitable, especially where humans are involved?

Zero Defects thinking is based on the principle that defects are preventable by controlling the inputs of a process so that it cannot produce defects – even when mistakes are made. Building quality into processes utilizes source inspections, 100 percent inspections, immediate feedback, and Mistake Proofing devices.

The objective is to detect errors before they actually cause defects thus preventing the defect from ever happening. Mistake Proofing devices are common-sense, practical devices usually developed by production line workers not Engineers and Managers. Although some Mistake Proofing devices can be expensive and based on technology, most are not and often don’t cost anything extra in order to achieve Zero Defects. We will review a wealth of real life examples to get your team’s creative processes moving!


• Problem and Opportunity identification.

• Quality at the source


• Defect detection vs Error detection. 

• Types of errors.

• Functional levels of Poka-Yoke devices.

• Examples of Poka-Yoke in real life.

• Practical application.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to; 

• Identify opportunities for errors and defects. 

• Quickly identify various levels and functions of mistake proofing devices. 

• Choose the appropriate method of mistake proofing to eliminate human and machine errors. 

• Implement simple and effective mistake proofing devices.


We recommend supplementing this workshop with the book: Mistake Proofing from Productivity Press, part of the Shop Floor Series.

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