5S Workplace Organization

5S Workplace Organization

1/2 Day Classroom Program

This Lean Certification component program explores why 5-S is the catalyst to many lean principles that your organization will utilize along the continuous improvement journey. The foundation of 5-S is employee involvement, which builds excitement for the change process in your organization.

More than just a "quick fix", proper 5-S implementation leads to pride in the work place while sustaining the improvements for housekeeping and safety. The entire 5-S process is covered in this module, from initial communication to all employees through implementation and ongoing process auditing.

The 5S's: 

  • SEIRI (Sort )Get Rid Of What Is Not Needed.
  • SEITON (Set in Order) Put The Workplace In Order.
  • SEISO (Shine) Clean The Work Area - Make it Shine.
  • SEIKETSU (Standardize) Create Standard Work Procedures To Develop Good Habits.
  • SHITSUKI (Sustain) Audit Performance And Continually Renew Commitment to the 5S Program.

Course Content

  • What is 5S?
  • Why is it important to implement 5S
  • The five steps of implementation
  • Tools and techniques for implementation
  • Red tagging strategies
  • The nine rules of 5S.
  • The keys to long term 5S success
Course Objectives
  • Describe the five S's (English version)
  • Learn how 5S activities are linked to bottom line measurements.


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