In today's competitive global market, only businesses focused on achieving optimized process improvement can effectively compete and succeed… not only building your own success through best practices, but also supporting your customer's efforts to compete as well.


Program Objectives:
  • Allow companies to effectively manage all aspects of their business with Lean philosophies;
  • Provide organizations with resources knowledgeable in Lean principles, able to understand and apply the tools necessary to improve;
  • Allow organizations to become independent in their ability to apply tools and transfer knowledge to others in their company;
  • Increase participant's profitability & productivity through the creation of value for their customers;
  • Certify participants (upon successful completion) with a recognized industry standard in advanced Lean training, that recognizes their accomplishments as an expert in the field

About our Lean Trainers:

Value Stream Solutions Inc. Founded to assist manufacturing and service organizations to better compete in North America, we are an International Lean Process, Business Transformation and Human Capital consulting firm specializing in an integrated approach to continuous people, process & product improvement, with an emphasis on professional development & adult learning. Our team's professional expertise allows us to assist clients with everything from the initial needs analysis & assessments, to strategic plan development and skills development program design & delivery. As well, we facilitate programs that support effective leadership and team based environments engage people in continuous & rapid improvement, problem solving, training & development best practices. 

5S Workplace Organization   

5S is the catalyst to many lean principles that your organization will utilize along the continuous improvement journey. The foundation of 5S is employee involvement, which builds excitement for the change process in your organization.  

Visual Management shows participants how to create and sustain a “visual factory”. This powerful communication shows participants how to develop and implement visual signals to enhance flow inside your factory, plus create consistent & timely decision making on the shop floor.

Lean Supervisor   

A comprehensive program designed for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders that have responsibilities for managing people and processes and that have accountability for results.

Participants will:

- Learn about the implementation and sustainability of Lean initiatives.
- Learn to understand Lean principles and application of Lean Tools for identifying and eliminating waste.
- Be provided the tools to change the way they manage Lean processes and team based cultures.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is one of the most powerful Lean tools to map out the current state and identify the future state, prioritize improvement activities, and align employees to company and customer.  Time, money and resources are in limited supply, and this keeps us focused on what is most important!

Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke) 

Participants learn concepts of mistake proofing in order to detect errors before they actually cause defects thus preventing the defect from ever happening.   This is a highly interactive session where participants actively engage in the discussion and learning process.  

Developing Standard Work

A foundational piece of the continuous improvement puzzle, standard work simplifies decision making, problem solving and worker training while creating useful work instruction and improving process effectiveness.  

Kaizen Train the Trainer Program

Kaizen employs short-term, concentrated, lightning-paced continuous improvement attacks on workplace wastes and ineffectiveness. Our Kaizen Rapid Improvement Process transforms an organizational culture from static, task-driven thinking to instinctive lean flexibility, adaptability and innovation.

The program has been specifically designed to make a company self-aware and self-sufficient in implementing change.  It targets company-wide knowledge of Lean principles and practices with an end goal of engendering empowerment through the entire company.

EMC’s Kaizen Train the Trainer program consists of 7 Kaizen events spread out by approximately 3-4 weeks and will be dependent on the availability of participants selected to be trained as Kaizen Facilitators.

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