Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

1 Day Classroom Program

Make no mistake, as we emerge from the current recession and its effects on the manufacturing we are going to face severe critical skills shortages. 

Quote by - Len Crispino, President, Ontario Chamber of Commerce ... Our economy faces a shortage of over half a million skilled workers over the next generation. We're already facing crippling shortages of skilled workers in Ontario, a shortage that will only get worse as a result of a declining birth rate and increased number of retiring workers.

Quote by - Barbara Taylor, President, Canadore College, Workplace Shortage Coalition ...Clearly Ontario is on the edge of a crisis. The time for talk is over."

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2009 ...

Ontario faces a labour shortage of more than 360,000 people, which threatens many sectors of the economy, according to a new Conference Board of Canada report released today by a coalition of business, education and labour leaders.

Companies that prepare and gain advantage in identifying and sourcing their talent needs will survive and prosper - the rest will disappear.

This workshop introduces the concepts and tools to understand the process and objectives of workforce planning and the practical considerations to put a plan in place.

You will participate in a 'hands on' workshop that goes beyond concepts and provides you with templates and planning tools that you can take back to your workplace and get your workforce planning process in gear.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is mandatory for senior management and senior human resource specialists

NOTE:  This 'hands on' session is limited to 10 participants per session so that all participants are able to use the templates and meet the learning objectives for this program ...

The 5 key elements of Workforce Planning are covered in detail:

The importance of reviewing your company's strategy and operational plans and their implications for your workforce

  •       Considerations for Integrating Workforce Planning into your company's strategic plan
  •       Prepare for change by developing a partnership between Operations and Human Resources
  •       How to build a WFP Planning Team
  •       How to develop Workforce Planning workplans and timelines


  •       What information you need for Workforce Planning
  •       Considerations for conducting and Environmental Scan
  •       Considerations for conducting a SWOT Analysis
  •       Gathering labour supply and demand data relevant to your company and industry


  •       Using your data to conduct a GAP Analysis
  •       Ways to analyze data collected in the Environmental Scan and your Supply and Demand Analysis


Develop GAP closing strategies using a Competency Model that addresses:

RecruitmentUsing Competency-Based Employee Selection

Retention: Using Competency-Based Retention Strategies

Performance Management: Using Competency-Based Performance Management

Professional Development: Using Competency-Based Professional Development

Competency Based Succession Planning: Ways to identify and close leadership gaps and have the right leadership in the right place at the right time


How to map out and measure the success of your Workforce Planning - the success of both the planning process itself and the results of the process by identifying:

  •       The scope of your workforce plan.
  •       The objectives you hope to accomplish with your workforce plan and each WFP step.
  •       The performance measures you'll use to evaluate the success your workforce planning process and its outcomes including financial performance measures.
  •       The resources you'll use to accomplish your WFP objectives.


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