Trust, Teamwork and High Performance

Trust, Teamwork and High Performance

1 Day Classroom Program

Does Your Workplace Culture Have an Instinctive Will to Win and Desire to Succeed?

Trust, Teamwork and High Performance is a high-impact 1-day program developed to support continuous improvement efforts throughout your organization.

At the core of this workshop are tried and true principles from the bookManaging From The Heart, an easy-to-read book written in the form of a novel by Hyler Bracey, Jack Rosenblum, Aubrey Sanford and Roy Trueblood.  

The core principles, based on the acronym HEART, are as applicable today as they ever have been. Participants will experience many everyday behaviors that destroy trust and teamwork, along with proven strategies to change these behaviours to achieve Win/Win outcomes. 

Your content is directly in sync with our direction and a clear validation that your tailoring of the course for Jamesway really hit the mark.  We look forward to hearing feedback from your perspective and of our jointly working on mapping out the next steps. - Claudio A. Buffone, Operations Manager, Jamesway Incubator Company Inc., Cambridge ON

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Build trust, teamwork & collaboration with peers, co-workers and teams.
  • Understand the role trust and credibility plays in personal effectiveness.
  • Create an environment of win-win problem solving.
  • Generous listening with skill and understanding.
  • Take responsibility for producing results.
  • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Confront others in a caring and constructive way.
  • Set goals designed for success.
Who should attend: Those that would benefit from attending this workshop include:
  • New employees being integrated into a high performance culture.
  • Existing employees transitioning into a teamwork culture.
  • Team leaders, Supervisors and Managers that lead teams and departments looking to achieve greater results from team members.
  • Owners and executives looking to support high performance teams, empower people to excel and focus on working on the business versus being buried in the day to day.


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