Turnaround Interview

Turnaround Interview

2 Day Classroom Program

Nominated for a 2010 Atlantic Canadian Human Resources Award for Best Innovation in Human 
Resources, Montana HR's 2 Day 'Turnaround Interview ®' (TI®) is intended for Executives, GM's, Department Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders.

This course is a new & effective constructive 
approach that works in both unionized & non unionized environments that solves some of the toughest people problems such as:

Minor quality or documentation problems
Procedural violations
Excessive personal phone calls
Unnecessary "sick" days
Minor safety violations
Overstaying lunch and coffee breaks
Negative attitude
Dress code violations
And more!

The solution is the TI® a carefully structured approach to getting most employees to commit to AND DELIVER positive behavior change. Using conventional discipline to fix these minor problems in otherwise good employees poisons the workplace culture - But ignoring those problems leads to bigger issues. This dilemma leads to the kinds of problems we see in hundreds of organizations … Letting performance and behavior issues slide, worried about losing more than they will gain if they discipline. Employees complaining about inconsistent management decisions, because some people get the blind eye treatment while others get "written up." Adversarial relationships and employee files overflowing with low-level discipline that doesn't go anywhere.

What The Participants Will Learn:

Why even good people get defensive about bad work habits
How defensive tactics learned in childhood get used and perfected in the workplace
How to recognize and work around the four "families" of defensive reactions
How to use body language and voice to keep control of the meeting
How to appeal to personal pride in order to get genuine employee commitment to change
How to handle requests for steward representation in unionized settings
How to measure success
What to do if the employee rejects your best effort
When discipline is really needed
What The Participants Will Get:

The ability to apply new skills as soon as you leave the course. 2 days of intensive TI® training with individual instruction and hands-on practice 

Practice with experienced actors who portray typical employees in carefully crafted scenarios based on real-world workplace problems
Detailed TI® course manuals
Memory aides to help you apply what you learn
Reproducible forms to make documentation simple and effective
Access to continued support and our Online Forum where participants can ask and get answers to any TI® related questions, as well as find out more about related products and services
Your personal workplace issues will be integrated into the course & highly tailored to your needsof


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