Shop Floor Labour Relations for Supervisors & Managers

Shop Floor Labour Relations for Supervisors & Managers

1 Day Classroom Program

This is a course unlike any offered in Canada. 'Shop Floor Labour Relations for Supervisors and 
Managers' formerly Collective Agreements and You is a game changer for Supervisors and Managers alike. Entertaining and fun, it uses everyday supervisory situations and case studies to teach the common-sense principles that underlie 60 years of Canadian arbitration. You'll learn effective, consistent, and high-integrity approaches to interpreting contract language, understanding and investigating grievances, resolving disputes, and deciding discipline.

Along the way, you'll learn that some of the things you always thought about labour relations are
actually not true! Here are just some of the myths we will take apart.

"It's our right - its past practice!"
"I don't have to do that - it's not in my job description."
"You can't fire me - I have an addiction."
"I'm a steward - I have a right to leave the job when I have union business."
"You just gave Tom a warning for the same thing, so you can't suspend me."

Whether you're preparing for negotiations, upgrading your supervisory skills, or are new to unionized
operations, this is the course you need. Participants are encouraged to bring their own collective
agreements to the course.

How the law interacts with the collective agreement
o Statutes affecting your contract
o Legal requirements for a collective agreement
Principles of interpretation
Estoppels - its use and misuse

Management rights
o Implied restrictions on management rights
o Rule-making authority
Major sections of a collective agreement
o Issues arising from the "scope" of the bargaining unit
• Contracting out
• Contracting in
• Restrictions on doing bargaining unit work
• Probationary employees
o Work assignments, overtime, call-ins, etc.
o Seniority issues
• Promotions and selection criteria
• Posting
• Training and trial provisions
• Layoff and bumping
• Recall
• Loss of seniority
Discipline and dismissal for just cause
Investigation and documentation skills
Making the most of your grievance procedure
Preparing for arbitration
Workplace situations - what evidence to collect, how to investigate, how to manage the situation
o Attendance issues
o Human rights issues
o Disciplinary offences
o Job actions


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