Performance Management "NEW"

Performance Management

1 Day Classroom Program

This one-day program gives manager and supervisors a solid grounding in defining performance, giving coaching and feedback, and conducting performance reviews.  Participants learn to:

  • Distinguish between results and performance [and why the difference is important];
  • Define expectations - the strongest factor in producing high performance;
  • Give supportive and corrective coaching;
  • Respond to serious inability or refusal to perform [in both union and non-union scenarios];

Conduct performance evaluations, including techniques in defusing defensiveness, creating improvement plans, and discussing future development.

Supervisors will:

  1. Understand the difference between reading results and assessing performance, and appreciate the necessity of using judgement - good judgement.
  2. Assign work fairly and effectively
  3. Use leadership styles that work for the employee
  4. Follow up appropriately
  5. Give positive and corrective feedback
  6. React appropriately to mild cases of problem performance


  • Results vs. Performance exercise and discussion
  • Two forms of delegation
  • Situational leadership styles
  • Communicating work assignments [two channel communications]
  • The four specifications of any task
  • Setting up self-directed feedback
  • Showing your people what's important
  • Positive and corrective feedback
  • The "early intervention" conversation when things aren't going well
  • Would but can't or could but won't:  innocent or blameworthy poor performance and how to approach each.


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