Managing and mediating workplace conflict

Managing and mediating workplace conflict

1 Day Classroom Program

This one-day program gives managers and supervisors the tools to understand conflict and their role in preventing and resolving it.  Participants learn to

  • Help employees see that how they affect their teammates is part of their job;
  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict;
  • Defuse conflict behaviour directed at them as supervisors
    • Active listening
    • Non-verbal tools
    • Questioning techniques
    • Interest-based conflict resolution
  • Informally mediate conflict cases between employees
    • The nature and limits of mediation
    • When mediation is inappropriate
    • Setting yourself up as mediator
    • Practical mediation techniques.


Supervisors will be able to:

  1. Distinguish difference from conflict
  2. Understand the conflict cycle and effects on the team
  3. Defuse emotional situations
  4. Probe for solutions
  5. Hold on to essential positions
  6. Bring conflicting parties to resolution


  • What conflict means to you
  • Benefits of effective conflict management
  • Dynamics of conflict [case studies and discussion]
  • Active listening
    • Reflecting and validating emotions
    • Open-ended probing
    • Tentative reframing
  • Positions versus interests [case studies and discussion]
    • What they say they want is seldom what they need to take away
    • Tactical reframing - probing for the resolution zone
  • Placing your interests "beyond debate"
    • "Beyond debate" strategies
    • The false choice and how to avoid it.
  • Informal mediation of conflict between coworkers
  • Where conflict crosses the line.
  • Harassment, bullying, and violence.


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