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EMC members recognize the importance of the people that drive each process in your business. Our Human Capital Programs are designed to enable your people to build organizational success by engaging the same advanced learning principles that we invest into our physical & technical processes. 

All Learning Centre initiatives are provided in response to a direct member need. Should you need a resource not listed above, simply contact EMC and we will assist you in sourcing the 'best & brightest' solution to your industry learning needs.

About Our Vendors

Montana HR Services is a consulting firm based in Eastern Canada and specializing in organizational culture change, leadership development, and labor and employee relations. Our more than 100 clients are large and small, public and private, government and business, profit and non-profit, spanning both Canada and the United States. Our aim has been consistently to provide the highest level of practical, technical, and strategic guidance so that our clients excel through their employees' engagement and energy.
Value Stream Solutions Inc. Our team's professional expertise allows us to assist clients with everything from the initial needs analysis & assessments, to strategic plan development and skills development program design & delivery. As well, we facilitate programs that support effective leadership and team based environments engage people in continuous & rapid improvement, problem solving, training & development best practices. 
Employers Benefit Group: George V. Kairys MA, MBA can help. He has helped companies such as Costco, Canpar Transport, Shaw Industries, Grand & Toy (OfficeMax) and Woodbine Entertainment since 1990.Doug Heidebrecht: specializes in helping busy people manage priorities and workloads. He's a "real world" coach, consultant and facilitator who thrives on provoking individuals and teams into discovering a better way to work and a better way to live.

Athena Training and Consulting:
 Cindy Stradling, CSP, CPC  Author, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Sales Agent and Coach, Cindy Stradling brings over 25 years of practical hands on business experience to her work.  She has worked across various sectors including production, logistics, materials management, retail,  customer service and sales.  She has achieved her professsional sales designation (CSP) through the Canadian Professional Sales Association and she is certified coach (CPC) graduated from Erickson College. Cindy is a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Associaton and the International Coaching Federation. Cindy owns and operates Athena Training and Consulting Inc.  At  Athena she is a coach and facilitator as well as acting as a sales agent to provide training and coaching solutions to organizations.

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