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Without a doubt, it’s been a very busy year in the Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag Sector not only for EMC but for many other supportive Community Partners across the Country. We have tackled a variety of topics in our networking activities, supported events of interest to the industry and exhibited at the Food Safety Summit and EDCO highlighting programs and services supporting the sector at large. Mark your calendars - we have some great sessions coming up!

Information on CAP - Canadian Agricultural Partnership is now available.

Conferences, Tradeshows, Summits, Forums, Plant Tours, EMC Networking Events and Virtual Webinars – there are a myriad of different occasions for Manufacturers to connect with peers, engage in discussion and participate in meaningful experiences throughout the year!

FOOD, BEVERAGE, BIO & AG CONFERENCE: 14th Annual Strategy Institute North American Food Safety Summit

FREE AGRI-FOOD COURSES TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS: There are some excellent Workshops, Webinars and E-Learning Courses available for those in the Agri-Food Sector relating to farm business practices, food safety and traceability.

In an ever-growing global marketplace, our ongoing initiatives to become more competitive and efficient cause companies to search for creative means to meet production targets that satisfy customers’ needs while maintaining quality and food safety excellence. This Special Event, Hosted by The Original Cakerie in London, focused on their particular journey to increase efficiencies and for many, it was an inspiring story followed by a fabulous plant tour.

Wishing all of our Friends in the Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag Sector and our Community Partners across the Country, our very, very best and most heartfelt greetings for a wonderful holiday season!

When a company connects to share experiences and processes related to Food Safety with continuous improvement in mind, there is bound to be learning opportunities. Such was the case at our EMC GF2 Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag Sector Event hosted by Burnbrae Farms in the Village of Lyn, Ontario in November.

October is Global Ergonomics Month and in general, a month that really highlights our Manufacturing Sector. As such, it was the perfect time to connect with others in industry to share experiences and opportunities for improvement all with enhancing existing ergonomics programs in mind.

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