Tools and Resources


Expertise and Funding Sources

bolier.pngBoiler Efficiency Calculator:
Evaluates boiler performance and provides tips on improving energy efficiency.
cal.pngEnergy Use Calculator:
Calculates a company’s energy consumption by fuel type.
canment.pngCanmentENERGY Research Facilities:
Over 450 scientists, engineers and technicians providing expertise on energy technology.
EA.pngEmployee Awareness Program & Toolkit: 
Helps employees understand energy efficiency and build an energy-saving culture.
MGT.pngEnergy Management Information Systems Handbook & Manual: 
Provides knowledge to monitor, document and report on energy performance.
indu.pngIndustrial Energy Efficient Equipment Information: 
Helps in selecting energy efficient products for industrial facilities, including motors, pumps, transformers and much more.
PER.pngEnergy Performance Benchmarking & Best Practices: 
Helps facilities develop awareness of best-in-class performance, opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, and emission reductions by comparing competitors.
ret.pngRETScreen Software: 
Assesses financial viability and risk for energy efficient and renewable energy technologies.
tool.pngEnergy Savings Toolbox: 
Step-by-step instructions to assess energy use and identify energy-savings.
canmost.pngCanMOST: Motor Selection Tool & Motor Guide: 
Tool analyzes and compares efficiency of industrial electric motors. 
Guide raises awareness of motor systems and identifies performance potential.




What Financial and other Support Exists?

  • Demand Response Program
  • ISO 50001 Funding (Study)
  • Audit Funding
  • Retrofit Program
  • Peaksaver Plus
  • High Performance New Construction
  • Process and Systems
  • Training and Support

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